New Chef Brings Tapas to Mesa


Costa Mesa’s innovative restaurant and bar, Mesa, has acquired a brand new chef, and is serving up a fresh new menu!

Since the age of 15, Chef Abel Vargas has known food would be his future. After years of experience in the industry, he’s taken his place in the kitchen at Mesa. For this new menu, he drew inspiration from his daily personal emotions; “Every dish on the menu was created on a different day, and was based on what I was feeling at that moment.” – Chef Vargas

The new menu features a variety of globally-inspired tapas, allowing guests to try multiple items and have a more well-rounded dining experience. The updated menu, courtesy of Chef Abel, features stand-out dishes such as the Beet Salad (horseradish crema, avocado, mixed greens), and Hanger Steak (carrot harissa puree, garlic chip, parsley), and you’ll still MESA Brusselsfind Mesa’s crowd-pleasers like the Burrata (grilled peach, arugula, honey balsamic) and Cast Iron Mussels (olive oil, white wine, garlic). The new menu officially launches on July 26th, 2018!

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