Marinate KBBQ Launches the ‘Bulgogi Burrito’


Marinate KBBQ, a fast casual concept from Koreatown’s 6th Avenue Restaurant Group, has launched a new ‘Bulgogi Burrito’ to the menu. Located in The Hangar food hall at the Long Beach Exchange (LBX), the restaurant is aiming to innovate beyond traditional Korean BBQ with their new burrito, which boasts a hearty filling of house-marinated bulgogikimchi fried ricefried egg, and banchan (sides).

The customizable ‘Bulgogi Burrito’ is made with the famous ‘Quarters KBBQ’ Bulgogi meat, which is marinated in a house-made sauce, your choice of white rice, brown rice, or kimchi fried rice, fried egg, and toppings of your choice — with corn and avocado being Marinate’s recommendation. Their new addition of the ‘Bulgogi Burrito’ hopes to bring classic Korean flavors into a recognizable Mexican food format, as it’s the first time the restaurant is incorporating tortillas into their menu. The Burrito is priced at $9 (+tax) and is served all day until sold out.

“Marinate KBBQ is not like your traditional bibimbap or poke bowls,” said Charlie Kim, Marketing Director of 6th Avenue Restaurant Group, “We want our customers to be able to make quick, healthy creations involving Korean BBQ and true Korean flavors.”

Marinate KBBQ aims to popularize Korean food in a quick grab-and-go format with their variety of customizable rice bowls and salads. Customers can build their own bowl with proteins ranging from familiar KBBQ meats like Bulgogi and Spicy Pork Belly to Salmon and Tofu. A variety of fresh vegetables and sides such as avocado, kimchi, mushrooms, edamame, eggs, and more are available, along with sauces like yuponzu (citrus soy), ssamjang (creamy korean soy bean), and spicy habanero, can be added into the bowls.

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