Limited Production Trace of Remy


The limited-production Trace of Remy will be served on draft the anniversary weekend of Sept. 20-22 at all three TAPS and TAPS Brewery & Barrel Room. Pricing will be $8 per glass. The preview tasting will be followed by a small-scale bottling of Trace of Remy with a specially designed 20th-anniversary label that will roll out in November.

Trace of Remy is an award-winning Imperial Russia Stout that is rich and roasty, with flavors of marshmallow, coconut, and chocolate ganache and aged in fine bourbon barrels. A small production of Trace of Remy first debuted in 2011 and was last released in 2015.

Approximately 2,200 bottles of this classic beer will be produced and be available at all four TAPS locations to mark the 20th anniversary. It also will be available for purchase at El Cerrito Liquor, the Corona retailer that specializes in rare beers. The 16.5 oz. bottle will sell for $20.

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