Kabob Is All You Need


Luna Grill Just Introduced Their New Kabob!

Craving a grilled meal that’s both healthy and mouthwatering for National Grilling Month? If so, head over to Luna Grill to experience our signature Chicken and Veggie Kabobs!

Both signature kabobs are cooked over an open fire and served with organic original or spicy humus and rice. Our beloved Chicken Kabob is stacked with succulent pieces of boneless chicken tenders. Vegetable lovers, turn to our Veggie Kabob, which is stacked with mushrooms, squash, onion and bell peppers.

For a well-rounded Luna Grill meal experience, make sure to add our new Dip Trio as an appetizer: a flavorful dipping platter of spicy feta, garlic sauce, humus and veggies that will satisfy all of your Mediterranean taste buds.

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