Fresh And Vibrant New Summer Menu


Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens is pleased to present a new summer menu

Featuring the season’s freshest produce and most vibrant flavors, the menu welcomes several new starters and salads like the Grilled Strawberry Rhubarb Glazed Salmon Salad, main dishes like the Grilled Barbecue Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin and Peach Bourbon Sauce and desserts like the Toasted Almond Cake with strawberry jam, mixed berries and sweet cream.

The full seasonal menu is also available in the Farmhouse bar, which features multiple new refreshing summer cocktails hand-crafted by Anthony Laborin, head of Cocktail R&D.

Experience the Midday Menu at the Farmhouse bar between lunch and dinner service daily from 2-5 p.m. and choose from a selection of bites and sweets including the Hummus Plate, Farmhouse Paninis of the Day and seasonal sweets in addition to the ever-changing, highly curated cheese program.


Farmhouse Market Salad: peaches, blueberries, persian cucumbers, radish, sun gold tomatoes, pistachios, mixed lettuces, goat cheese, charred meyer lemon vinaigrette, preserved meyer lemons, 11

Autonomy Farms Chicken Liver Paté: pickled green garlic, mustard greens and red onions, house made jam, grilled Rye Goods Co. bread, 15

Grilled Strawberry Rhubarb Glazed Salmon Salad: strawberries, sugar snap peas, roast leeks, quinoa, sun gold tomatoes, mixed lettuces, balsamic vinaigrette, candied pecans, pickled rhubarb, 26

Seared Albacore Salad: heirloom cherry tomato and olive tapenade, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, sweet onions, nicoise olives, capers, hard-boiled egg, pee wee potatoes, dijon vinaigrette, 25

Grilled Prime Sirloin and Heirloom Tomato Salad: green beans, pickled red onions, avocado, little gem lettuce, grilled garlic croutons, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette, chimichurri sauce, 27

Herb Roast Jidori Chicken: half chicken, pee wee potatoes, roast carrots, cipollini onions, green beans, pan gravy, 24

Shrimp, Sea Scallop and Romesco Sauce: green beans, weiser farms pee wee potatoes, celery, red onions, nicoise olives, zucchini and squash ribbons, arugula and capers, lemon shallot vinaigrette, 34

Grilled Barbecue Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin and Peach Bourbon Sauce: braised greens and cannelini beans, grilled corn and summer squash, corn bread stuffing and andouille sausage and gorganzola, grilled peach chutney, 29

Panko, Dijon and Citrus Crusted Icelandic Cod: brown and wild rice with orange zest, pine nuts and currants, grilled asparagus, passion fruit vinaigrette, 33

Grilled Kumquat Glazed Swordfish: carrot puree, rapini, cipollini onions, pee wee potatoes, citrus relish, fried arugula, 34

Farmhouse Vegetable Bowl: grilled corn and summer squash, braised greens and white beans, caramelized cauliflower and chimichurri sauce with pureéd satsumaimo potatoes and cauliflower, green beans and cipollini onions, grilled peach chutney, 25

Grilled Corn and Summer Squash: red bell peppers, red onion, 10


Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler: cornmeal thyme biscuit topping, strawberry orange sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, 8

Toasted Almond Cake: strawberry jam, mixed berries, sweet cream, 8


Nut Up Piña: macadamia nut, banana tincture, lime, chartreuse, mezcal, 15

Mamma Needs A Nap: farm fresh fruit, honey, Jardesca, farm fresh fruit infused amari, kombucha, 15

Second Opinion: lemon, lime, citrus simple, gin, bitters, 15

Natural Aphrodisiac: mint, lime, citrus sherbet, Jardesca, Blinking Owl aquavit, 15

What’s Amaro With You? egg, lemon, farm fresh fruit infused amari, 15

 What Seems To Be The Officer, Problem? black truffle cognac tincture, scandinavian rum, punt e mes, scotch, 15


Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Midday Menu: 2 – 5 p.m.

Dinner: 5 p.m. – closing

Reservations or call 949.640.1415

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