Crispie Burger Debut


Ground House Burger has been making waves. And now it’s time to make another one. Restaurateur Andy Nguyen has always wanted to create a burger brand that could compete with the big boys. Something proportional, a burger you could afford to eat on a daily basis. A brand that is scalable with a core menu that’s timeless. It’s difficult to change your core menu when things are already going well. But he had something else in mind, and couldn’t stop thinking about it. When Andy approached @ChefNandofer & @BearDegidio about his ideas. They were open arms and collaborated on how to execute the new staple burger.

After months of r&d, they introduced the staple menu item the “Crispie Burger.” A signature style burger that they worked on that has a crispy style beef patty, crisp lettuce, diced onions, ground house sauce, on your everyday bun. And Ground House is able to sell this better product at almost half of what they were selling their “Classic burger” for. Time will tell with how it’ll fare, but it’s a product that they are all super hyped on. To Andy Nguyen, it stands up to some of the best everyday burgers out there. And Ground House hopes you all feel the same way after you try it too! The “Crispie Burger” will be replacing all their burgers and will be available starting this Friday, June 14th!

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