CAVA’s Summer Menu

Feel good with these summery dishes


There is still time to enjoy CAVA’s seasonal summer menu, full of fresh flavors and bright colors:

The new menu is curated by Executive Chef/Co-Founder Dimitri Moshovitis, and highlights fresh, bright, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal Roasted Vegetables – which can be added to any grain bowl, salad, or pita – include crisp grape tomatoes, earthy sweet potatoes, button mushrooms, and zucchini for classic summer flavor. The addition of Spicy Apricot Dressing, Chef Dimitri’s nod to his favorite Mediterranean-inspired stone fruit, is equal parts tangy and sweet, and brings a vibrant color to any dish.

Also new this season are White Bean Salad, suitable for vegans looking for a punch of CAVA Summer Bowlprotein, and juices including Watermelon Mint, Lemonade with Turmeric, Basil Limeade, and Peach Green Tea.

CAVA’s summer fruits and vegetables can be combined with any protein on the menu, including Braised Lamb, Grilled Meatballs, and Falafel. Dozens of combinations range from 200-500 calories, making it the perfect light meal to be filled and fulfilled for the summer season.

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