Bruxie Heats Things Up With The NOTORIOUS H.O.T. and Lil’ HEAT


Bruxie is coming in hot for the month of October with two new spicy fried chicken sandwiches: the NOTORIOUS H.O.T. with hot habaneros, and the LiL’ HEAT with milder Fresno chiles.

“Most classic hot chicken sandwiches blow out your taste buds with the first bite,” says Bruxie Chef Kelly Mullarney, who wanted to bring the heat, but didn’t want the one-note firestorm that most spicy chicken sandwiches offer. “I wanted to create a more complex, multi-dimensional flavor profile with separate and distinct levels of heat, each adding different chile nuances with every bite.”

A fiery dry chile spice blend coats the outside of the fried chicken – this is the first flavor that hits the palate and is common to most hot, spicy chicken. The dry spice mix is Chef Kelly’s own recipe with nine different ingredients.

Chef Kelly goes beyond by adding a Bomba Hot Pepper sauce made with Italian Calabrian chiles – they bring a rich, fermented heat with lots of earthy flavor. Made in house daily, the Bomba sauce builds heat and lingers with an umami dimension.

In addition, fresh, spicy pickled peppers (hot habaneros or milder Fresnos) bring a brightness and fruitiness, as well as more heat. The peppers are prepared fresh every morning in each Bruxie kitchen. The acidity of the pickling tames the hotness a bit while naturally cleansing the palate and preparing you for that next delicious bite.

The sandwich is finished with a layer of crisp, cool slaw that helps bring everything into perfect balance, along with a freshly baked toasted bun.

No stranger to chiles, Chef Kelly was invited to cook at the James Beard House in New York City preparing a multi-course dinner in which every course featured chiles as a key ingredient, including dessert!

Both Spicy Chicken sandwiches, Lil’ Heat and Notorious H.O.T. are available for the month of October at all Bruxie locations in California and Las Vegas.

Bruxie is a truly unique concept serving creative and craveable fried chicken executed with layers of flavor, original combinations and a definite “wow” factor. Taking the undisputed protein of choice in the U.S. and around the globe – Chicken – Bruxie is a chef-driven concept that prides itself on satisfying those with a sophisticated palate and gluttons, alike. From its innovative sandwiches that replace bread with satisfying waffles, to awesome chicken tenders and sauces, expect Bruxie to be bold, unexpected and fun.

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