Brand New Mexican Vegan Menu


Lola’s in Long Beach is excited to announce that they have JUST launched their brand new Vegan Menu. The dishes are beyond delicious and taste anything but vegan. The menu includes:


Vegan Chicken Enchiladas

your choice of red or green salsa, grilled vegan chicken, melted jack cheese. with garlicky whole beans and cilantro rice


Lola’s Vegan Burrito

a large flour tortilla stuffed with a roasted zucchini, mushroom, carrots, grilled onions, corn, grilled soyriso and black beans. topped with our roasted tomatillo sauce and sliced fresh california has avocado

Lola's Vegan Burrito

Crispy Tacos Dorados

three crispy tacos, seasons ground beef picadillo, lettuce, garlic tomato salsa, cream, cotija cheese

Lola's Vegan Tacos

Zucchini & Mushroom Tacos

grilled farmers market veggies, jack cheese, corn tortillas, salsa

Lola's Zucchni Tacos

Frannie’s Protein Plate (Vegan Style)

vegan chicken, sautéed with fresh onions, bell peppers and mushrooms served with Lola’s green salad (and corn tortillas)

Lola's Vegan Protein

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