Bahama Buck’s Brings Açaí Superfruit to the Islands


Bahama Buck’s, the original shaved ice company, expands their menu’s health-conscious options by adding the organic Buck’s Açaí Bowl to their lineup next to Thin Ice and Lite Smoothies. This brand new bowl is now available to order at the Bahama Buck’s in 8239 Talbert Ave, Huntington Beach, CA.

“Açaí is the go-to superfruit if you’re looking for health benefits and incredible tropical flavor,” says Kerstin Dorren, owner of Bahama Buck’s in Huntington Beach, CA. “Bahama Buck’s Açaí Bowl is the best in town because it’s blended with our delicious award-winning island ingredients.”

Bahama Buck’s Açaí Bowl is truly an adventure for the taste buds. The main ingredient, Açaí, (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), is a superfruit carrying high levels of antioxidants straight from the tropical Amazon regions of Brazil. The blend is made with only the highest quality organic ingredients including organic Açaí, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, organic unsweetened coconut milk and a sprinkle of pure cane sugar. This wholesome treat is generously garnished with nut-free granola, fresh strawberries, and fresh bananas. Buck’s Açaí Bowls come in two sizes with calorie counts ranging from 285 to 380.

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