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The seafood restaurant Anchor Hitch at Kaleidoscope Mission Viejo is expanding its offerings for Sprint to include more small plates, sandwiches and a variety of seafood and non-seafood entrees.

Sample Menu Items

Lobster Tater Giants: Hand made potato croquettes with green onion covered in Lobster bisque cheese cream, finished with fresh chopped lobster.
Clam Chowder Pot Pie: Fresh clams, carrots, onion, celery, garlic, potato, cream, Nueske’s bacon, freshly baked pot pie crust

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict: Toasted English muffin, sautéed spinach, house crab cake, citrus hollandaise, poached egg

Calamari: Grilled over Japanese binchotan coals and glazed with soy bbq glaze, served with sautéed iceberg lettuce with garlic, sunchoke puree, squid ink chips, Spanish chorizo and sunchoke chips

Hanger Steak: Roasted shallot puree, tempura jalapeño, twice baked purple potatoes

Cocktails from Liquid Chef Andrew Parish

About Anchor Hitch

Anchor Hitch brings next level seafood and craft cocktails along with a unique dining aesthetic to the Kaleidoscope Shopping Center in Mission Viejo. Designed to look as if you’re dining under the sea, Anchor Hitch’s plates match the nautical theme with offerings to tantalize both novice and experienced seafood enthusiasts. The Spring Menu expands to offer non-seafood dishes as well.

About Chef Michael Pham

Chef Michael Pham is an Orange County native, born and raised in Fountain Valley, to parents who immigrated to America to escape the Vietnam War. Cooking was always a huge event in his house, though he was a spectator and not allowed in the kitchen as a child.

His artistic side developed growing up, and eventually he found his way into culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles. He cooked at The Foundry on Melrose, Melisse and Providence, before leaving the country to tour and cook throughout Asia extensively.

When he returned, he went into the test kitchen to explore what it meant to him to grow up in Southern California. Seafood became a passion during this time, which is now on display at Anchor Hitch in Mission Viejo. His dishes pair seafood-heavy, often Asian twists with classic dishes including Lobster Rolls, Tom Yum Agnoletti and Abalone Panna Cotta.

For more information, please call 949.226.8949 or visit

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