Always Crispy Fries


Crunch Time has arrived! Farmer Boys, the farm fresh fast casual burger concept, is rolling out new ‘always crispy’ fries at all 93 locations throughout California and Nevada. The crispier and tastier fries were tested in select Farmer Boys restaurants earlier this year, resulting in overwhelming customer support for launching the new and improved fries in all our restaurants.

“As a restaurant chain famous for our burgers, the opportunity to upgrade our fries was an easy decision” said Larry Rusinko, VP and Chief Marketing Officer of Farmer Boys. “After months of research and development, the new ‘always crispy’ fries were overwhelmingly preferred for their taste and, most importantly, crisp texture – even when not consumed immediately. As consumer eating habits change to where the majority of fries are consumed outside of our restaurants, fries that stay crispy longer provide an obvious consumer benefit.”

Following Farmer Boys’ long-standing tradition of serving farm fresh and high-quality food, the potatoes used for making the new, always crispy fries are sourced from family farms in the Columbia River Basin, a region spanning Oregon and Washington. Farmer Boys’ potatoes are grown to tasty perfection over a nine-month period in a climate and soil type that is ideal for growing the best potatoes, which in turn, make the best fries.

The new ‘always crispy’ fries are the perfect pairing for Farmer Boys’ award-winning burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. Farmer Boys’ fries can be ordered a la carte, topped with signature chili and cheese, or added as a side to any menu item as part of a combo.

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