12th Summer Surf n’ Turf

Taste of the ocean AND the land

Indulge this summer with Park Avenue’s surf n’ turf meal, including multiple comforting and addicting menu items.

This offering includes a salad or corn fritters to start, shrimp mac n’ cheese and flat iron pepper steak, and the special dessert of the day. This delectable special is available for email guests only, so make sure to plan ahead and coordinate your reservation. You mayIl Garage Park Ave call for reservations at 714.901.4400. This deal will last through Sunday, September 3rd.

It costs $28 Sunday and Tuesday nights, and $38 Wednesday through Saturday.

Park Ave., located in Stanton, also has its sister restaurant “il garage” on the premesis. This one is immediate to their backyard garden, having a more laid back environment.

For more on Park Ave., parkavedining.com

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