Mom to Turn Dessert Sensation into National Franchise


Sweet Apple Pie Fries DessertA must have sweet treat in the Northwest has a legion of local followers and Niki Durig is focused on taking the business to the next level.

It all started with an addictive twist on an America classic that became a local sensation. Nine years later, Niki Durig of Portland, Ore., has her eyes on creating a national franchise that would share her dessert and opportunity with the country.

It’s Sweet Apple Pie Fries!â„¢

Durig got the idea for Sweet Apple Pie Fries!â„¢ when she was seven months pregnant, in a bad relationship and looking for a way to take care of herself and two young children as a single mother.

That is going to take time, effort and most of all money. Durig has done the research and in order to create a successful national franchise, she needs funding for uniformed branding, operation manuals, market research, materials, legal filings, a prototype vending unit, franchise documents and sales training. The total comes to about $250,000.

She has decided to maintain control of the operation and fund the franchise through a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter page, which includes a video that shows how Sweet Apple Pie Fries!â„¢ are made from scratch, can be viewed

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $25, backers will receive an order of Sweet Apple Pie Fries!â„¢ from a stand in the Portland area. A $50 pledge gets you the fries and a T-shirt. Larger donations are rewarded with hoodies, tote bags and other promotional items.

For additional information,; the Sweet Apple Pie Fries!â„¢ website,; or the Sweet Apple Pie Fries!â„¢ Facebook page,

posted by Nicholas Gonzales


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