“We’ve Picked Our Pickle!”: Spicy Pickle Sandwich Company Announces Winner of “Name Our Pickle” Contest


Spicy Pickle® Sandwich Company has selected the winner of its “Name Our Pickle” contest. The Denver-based restaurant chain is proud to announce that the new face of the company will be Spy C. Pickle. Spicy Pickle deems Daniel Center of Denver the 2011 Grand Pickle VIP for his ingenious suggestion. Daniel will receive a Pickle Party for 20 people to celebrate with his closest friends.

Spicy Pickle’s panel of judges received thousands of nominations from nearly every state. Suggestions came in all shapes and sizes such as perennial favorites like Zippy, Peppy and Freckle, to the purists including Gerry, Nick, Chris, and Pete. One gentleman submitted 30 different name entries, providing creative strategies for each suggestion.

Given the enthusiastic response, Spicy Pickle’s panel of judges had to weed out the names that didn’t quite “cut the mustard.” The panel met to select the winner while enjoying their favorite Spicy Pickle meal (Santa Cruz sandwiches and El Rancho salads) and soon realized that the decision was not for the faint of heart. One judge commented that she never realized that a pickle could unleash so much creative energy.

From August 1 to September 15, 2011, guests submitted their most witty, creative and outrageous ideas in all 30 of the nationwide Spicy Pickle stores. Guests could also submit their best name suggestions via e-mail, Facebook or at spicypickle.com.

Because the judges received so many other clever ideas from all around the country, they wanted to recognize a few runners-up, as well.

Captain Caliente (Leah G., Oklahoma)
Dillian (Marijo Z., North Dakota)
Dill the Thrill (Dan G., Illinois)
Hal-apeno (Bob O., Oregon)
Pickle Mickle (Vanessa G., Arizona)
Picklo Pete (Mary H., Nevada)
Power (Deb K., Colorado)
Spicy the Wonder Pickle (James Z., Texas)

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