Vollrath Announces Winners of 2010 Sales Awards


In January, the Vollrath Company, L.L.C, recognized their top sales performers at their annual awards banquet held in the new Vollrath University in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

B. C. Roberts of the Eastern Sales Region was awarded the overall District Sales Manager of the Year honor for the second year in a row.B.C. has been with Vollrath for just over three years and his territory includes North Carolina and South Carolina.

The five District Sales Managers of the Year by Region were B. C. Roberts in the Eastern Region, David McDonald in the Southern Region, Bill McBride in the Central Region, Paula Craig in the West, and Alain Goyette in Canada.

For the award in New Product Sales, first place went to Lester Neil, second place went to Bill McBride, and third place went to B.C. Roberts.The Chain Account Award went to Debbie Pasich.B.C. Roberts received the Equipment Award.

The Operations Excellence Award was introduced last year.The recipient this year was our team at the Kewaunee plant for the implementation of the Redco product line.

A new award was presented this year, the “Heavy Lifter” Award for sales in countertop equipment.The award was given to Alain Goyette, a member of our Canadian sales force.

Additional award recipients include:

  • Marketing Excellence Sales Award – Jill Van Menxel
  • Marketing Excellence Corporate Award- Mike Hebden
  • Field Sales Award – Mike Hebden

Posted on 04/01/11 by Allison

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