The Miyako Hybrid Hotel, located just minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, Southland beaches, and downtown Los Angeles, is proud to announce that it has achieved Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. Working in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the organization that sets the standards and categories for LEED certification, the Miyako Hybrid Hotel, becomes the tenth certified hotel/resort, and just the second Silver LEED certified travel property in the state of California.

“We are constantly striving to run our business as efficiently and responsibly as possible,” says General Manager Cherie Davis. “We are very excited to have received our Silver LEED certification, as this helps to emphasize how committed we are to operating an environmentally conscious hotel. We also plan to keep going, with applications for Green Seal and Green Leaf certifications in the works.”

Energy Efficiency

Building is approximately 18.4% more efficient than baseline building (based on energy cost)

Annual Reduction in CO2

198,525 kWh savings/year equals approx 72 tons of CO2 per year

HVAC System

Daikin VAV HVAC system is approximately 56% more efficient than traditional baseline gas boiler


Interior Lighting saves approximately 2.3%

Exterior Lighting saves approximately 10.1%

Solar Panels

Solar PV Array is made of 95 panels

Generates approx 23,447 kWh/year and saves about $3,282 per year in energy costs

Equivalent to offsetting approximately 1.6% of the building’s annual energy consumption

Tank-less Water Heater

On-demand systems require no pilot light and can save about half the cost of your current water heating bill since there is no re-heating of water as with traditional water heaters

Noritz tankless water heater is 83%-93% efficient so it can reduce about 700-1,000 lbs. of CO2 per year compared to a tank water heater

Reduction greatly reduces the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, and greatly reduces the effects of Global warming

It is estimated that 7.3 million traditional tank-based water heaters are disposed into landfills each year in the United States

Key Card System

Key-card systems can save 25% to 45% of the energy used by hotel rooms

Water Savings

Low flow fixtures in guestrooms and in common areas save approximately 23% compared to standard fixtures or about 588,382 gal/year

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