Ritual Wines, A Pioneer of Fine Chilean Winemaking


When Agustin Huneeus founded his vineyard in Chile’s Casablanca Valley in 1990 he was among the first to foresee the terroir’s remarkable potential to produce world-class wines. Today, his vision is paying off with the creation of Ritual Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc – hand crafted estate wines that showcase what Chile’s finest cool-climate appellation has to offer.

Creating Ritual was a labor of love for Huneeus, and he continues to refine and innovate, now with the help of a new winemaker, Rodrigo Soto. The Casablanca Valley’s similarity to the Sonoma Coast of California is now often cited by wine experts, so it only makes sense to bring together a winemaking team with plenty of experience working in both California and Chile.

Posted by Chantal Lozano


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