Pretty Lady’s New Bag Stands Up To The Competition


Pretty Lady Table Grapes, offered by Dulcich & Sons, has kicked off the 2010 season by offering a new stand-up bag that also acts as a disposable colander, as well as a host of other merchandising products sure to boost Pretty Lady sales this fall. Retailers everywhere are discovering the new way to display grapes is making an impact, with the new merchandising products really attracting the customer’s eye. The company is also providing matching display bins and shelf-danglers, which effectively round-out the new, overall look for produce departments carrying Pretty Lady.

“The feedback has been amazing,” says Nick Dulcich. “The new bag acting as a colander has raised some eyebrows, as it is not only an easy and effective way to rinse and store the grapes, but is also less expensive than some other counterparts now available in the industry.”

Included with the newly branded merchandising efforts is the popular Harvest Hobgoblin program, available again this fall. Having tweaked considerable interest is a new Harvest Hobgoblin Bin that will be previewed during the up-coming PMA in Orlando at the Sunlight International Sales Booth # 2089. While the Hobgoblin program was originally created for Halloween, many have commented that it could fit the fall theme of their produce department and add a little “flavor” to the programs that are already in place.

And while the 2010 Grape Season has seen a bit of a rough and tumble start, Dulcich and their marketing arm Sunlight International are starting to see their volume increase as they move into the crop and are now harvesting several different varieties. “We see a lot of beautiful fruit on the vines right now, so we’re very happy with the current production,” says Nick Dulcich. “Availability of the new green seedless varieties, Autumn King and Luisco, will be increasing this fall, which we’re also very excited about.” He notes these two varieties are excellent holiday products, as they are available through December, and will surely provide increased sales with their delicious flavor, generous size and refreshing crunch. Look for these Pretty Lady gems to be available in mid-October through the end of the year.

Located in the San Joaquin Valley, Dulcich’s pristine vineyards are all located within a short distance from their state-of-the-art facility in Delano, California. With 2,500 acres of multiple varieties of table grapes, they offer a large line of red, green and purple varietals to discriminating retailers and consumers. Under the name of Sunlight International Sales Inc., the marketing arm of Dulcich and Sons, they ship their Premium Table Grapes worldwide, including to such countries as Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Russia, Dubai, India, Mexico and Canada, as well as throughout the United States.

Posted on 9/8/10.

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