New Line of Umami Products Brings the Fifth Taste to Your Kitchen


Southern California burger powerhouse Umami Burger has unleashed a new line of products that will “umamify” your meal. Founder Adam Fleischman created the series of condiments so that customers could experience Umami Burger’s “Fifth Taste” at home. The first run of condiments includes Umami Ketchup (slightly sweet with a touch of truffle), Umami Master Sauce (Umami’s patented soy sauce), Umami Dust (seasoning flavor enhancer), and Umami Spray (Japanese Mizushio spray.) All four of these delectable enhancers are modestly priced between $7-$15.

Umami Burger has already planned a future run of additional condiments: Red Boat Fish Sauce (savory and sweet), Hak’s BBQ Sauce (caramelized onion, garlic followed by bourbon and chiles), and Gindo’s Spice of Life Fresh Pepper Sauce (tangy and sweet witha spicy finish.)The line will be a limited run and will only be sold at Umami locations and online at

Recently named “Burger of the Year” by GQ Magazine, Umami Burger has locations all across Southern California as well as one in San Francisco.

Posted by Markus Micheaels


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