L.A.’s Chef Jet Tila Appointed the First-Ever Culinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisine


Renowned for his Pan-Asian culinary prowess, Los Angeles native Chef Jet Tilahas been appointed by the Royal Thai Consul-General, Los Angelesto represent Thai culture in the United States as the inauguralCulinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisinefor 2013. In his role, Jet will work to advance the public’s knowledge of traditional Thai cooking, showcasing flavors native to Thailand through thefive fundamental tastes found in allThai cuisine – sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, and salty.

Growing up in the world’s first-ever Thai Town (located in Hollywood, CA) considered the “77thprovince” and home to the largest Thai population outside of Thailand (roughly 80,000 of California’s estimated 120,000 Thai Americans live in Los Angeles) Jet spent time learning the ancient traditions of Asian cuisine while working in his parent’s famed Bangkok Market and Royal Thai restaurant. “I was born into the first family’ of Thai food in Los Angeles. My mother and father came here separately in 1966 and went on to open the first restaurants and grocery stores in this country, that meant I was raised deeply immersed in Thai heritage,” recalls Jet. “Today, it is an honor and a privilege to combine my Thai-Chinese roots and passion in the kitchen to introduce the public to the authentic Thai flavors I’ve always loved.”

Jet keeps close to his roots by conducting intimate and ever-popular “Melting Pot Tours”of Thai Town in Los Angeles, offering participants a curated taste of his favorite hidden neighborhood gems.

Posted by Paula Votendahl


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