Juliann Pless Appointed VP of Support Services


CSI globalVCard paysystems, a complete electronic accounts payable solution for businesses, is proud to announce Juliann Pless as its new Vice President of Support Services.

For over 2 years, Ms. Pless has performed in a high capacity for CSI as a Senior globalVCard Account Director, managing implementation, vendor enrollment, and support for many of CSI’s hospitality clientele. In her new role, Ms. Pless will be responsible for globalVCard paysystems client support services.Her comprehensive knowledge of the globalVCard program and full hands-on experience with a multitude of clients will serve Ms. Pless well in this new role.

The CSI globalVCard paysystems program is an electronic accounts payable directly integrated solution that offers savings by reducing labor/costs associated with paper check/ACH disbursements, efficiency by automating the payables process with secure electronic vendor payments and timely reconciliation, and security by generating unique single-use account numbers for each vendor payment.

posted by Tiffay Haslacker

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