Jackson Family Wine Recieves Certification from CCSW


Jackson Family Wines Inc., California owners of premium vineyards and maker of some of the world’s favorite wines, is proud to announce that all of the 10,545 acres of vineyards and nine wineries it owns or operates have been granted the prestigious environmental sustainability certification from the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance’s Certified California Sustainable Winegrower (CCSW). Jackson Family Wines had their sustainability practices verified by an external auditor based on CCSW’s 227 best practices criteria, 58 prerequisites and demonstrating continuous improvement.The third-party certification program was introduced in early 2010 and is built upon the Sustainable Winegrowing Program which was established in 2002 and engages thousands of vintners and growers representing more than 60% of the state’s wine production and acreage. Applicants need to demonstrate practices to conserve water and energy, maintain healthy soil, reduce pesticide use, preserve wildlife habitat, protect air and water quality, recycle natural resources, enhance relations with employees and neighbors.

posted 11/11/10

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