Highline Public School District Wins Year’s Supply of Uncle Ben’s Rice


The Highline Public School District, near Seattle, Washington, was recently announced the winner of the “Year’s Supply of Rice” sweepstakes from MARS services. Chris Neal, the director of nutrition for the Highline Public School District, was awarded two cases a month of Uncle Ben’s rice products for a whole year. The school that Uncle Ben’s rice pilaf selected will be able to offer more rice than frequently.

“We have a large number of Pacific Islander, Asian, and Hispanic students,” Neal states. “Also rice is a very popular dish for students on our Evergreen Campus where the rice we’ve won will be used.” The Highline Public School District serves 17,500 students in 29 schools. With 130 countries and 91 languages represented, makes this district highly diverse. Rice dishes are popular among the students which provides fiber and whole grains in their diets. In addition, each school within the district offers fruits and vegetable bars and at least one ethnic meal is served at least each month. “We are pleased to award the Highline Public School District with the year’s supply of rice,” said Tim Farno, vice president, MARS Foodservices. “We at MARS are committed to childhood wellness and health. We understand the challenges that schools face, from limited resources to high expectations. That’s why we strive to offer healthy menu solutions, flavors and ideas that meet nutrition guidelines and taste good.”

Posted 10/11/10

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