Good Earth Tea Announces “Tag You’re It” Tea Tag Contest Winners


Good Earth Tea has featured inspirational quotes on their tea tags for years. But from January 10 – February 21, 2011, they invited tea drinkers to submit an original quote via email, Facebook or Twitter for the chance to have their words – along with their name, blog or Twitter handle -and the essence of the Good Earth Tea brand.” After careful consideration, 25 quotes made the final cut.

“Beauty gives herself to those who give her time.” – Julia Vidmar

“To dream of who you wish to be is to waste who you are.” – Sarah C. Ruiz

“Brave people don’t live forever, cautious people don’t live at all.” – Emily Hill

“When life gives you lemons make tea.” – Mia Rampi-Lambertz

“You can go amazing places when you quit stepping on the brakes.” – Dr. Larry Iverson

“Community has little to do with proximity.” – Aaron Starkey

“Love is like a warm jacket on a cold day.” – Marie Berning

“The only way to fail at something is to fail to learn from the experience.” – Mary Jane Nirenberg

“Few things ignite the spirit and refuel the mind more than a brief moment of pause.” – Dana Detrick

“Bounce back, you’ll go higher!” – Iae Hulthage

“You will never wear your heart on a sleeveless shirt.” – Hamsa Rishi

“It is not others we need to impress, it is ourselves.” – Tammy Jo McIntyre

“It’s not the highs and the lows that we can judge our lives by, but everything in between.” – Kristy Powell

“My greatest wish for my children is that their mistakes be their own.” – Peggy Malone

“Believe in the life you lead by never regretting how you got there.” – Lyndsie M. Devito

“Recognize times when you should grow and when you should go.” – Sara Clayton

“In love, one must show affection often, appreciation always.” – Holly Bennington

“Is it negative to say that I hate negativity?” – Melissa Goldsmith

“There are no coincidences – only plans others make and don’t tell you about.” – Robert Hall

“It’s not where you start; it’s that you start.” – Miss Gordon

“It’s better to be vague than that other thing.” – Joanne Rivera

“Dealing with great people can be good, but dealing with good people is always great.” – Mac

“If you listen and observe, everyone can become your teacher.” – Darcy Keep

“Your talent is as great as you practice it to be.” – Keisha J. McLean

“For every hour of hope, there are many minutes of faith.” @inspirmentalist

“We received thousands of entries one more creative than the next,” says Deborah Glasser, Marketing Director for Tata Global Beverages, owner of Good Earth Tea. “The winning quotes are as eclectic as our tea drinkers some witty, others profound, but all reflect originality, personality, and the essence of the Good Earth Tea brand.” Winners and their quotes will be published on Good Earth Tea Tags, available on shelf later this year.

Posted on 04/13/11 by Allison

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