Emmi-Roth Kase USA Cheeses Captured Two Awards at The 2010 American Cheese Society Competition


Emmi-Roth Kase USA cheeses captured two awards at the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition, including a Best of Class blue ribbon in the Hispanic & Portuguese Style Cheese category for shelf-cured GranQueso.The competition marks a significant milestone for Emmi-Roth Kase USA, as it is the seventh consecutive year for GranQueso to win first in its category. Aged for at least six months, GranQueso is similar to a Spanish Manchego, yet crafted with cow’s milk, creating a distinctive bite and lingering sweet finish.Emmi-Roth Kase USA also captured a third place ribbon in the Washed Rind Category for Grand Cru Gruyere Surchoix, a classic Alpine-style cheese crafted from the freshest Wisconsin milk and hand-selected for aging nine months or more. This marks the third time in four years that Grand Cru Gruyere Surchoix has been honored by the American Cheese Society.The American Cheese Society competition this year hosted a record-breaking 1,462 total entries, with cheesemakers from 225 companies in 34 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico represented. Since 2002, Emmi-Roth Kase USA has won nearly 40 awards for its specialty cheeses at the ACS competition, and its expert cheesemakers and cellar-curing cheese masters have won hundreds of awards in national and international contests.Posted on 9/8/10.

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