Congratulations to All of the Winners at the 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest!


Great Taste Magazine - Orange County

The results are in! Below is a list of the first, second and third place winners at the5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest.Baker Sharon Graves received a hat trick for Best Fruit Pie, Best Crust and Best in Show.Her perfectly prepared apple pie proved that sometimes classic is best.


3. Lindsey Towne ” “LACMA” pie

2. Claire Hungerford & Cybelle Tondu ” “Andy Piehole”

1. Laurel Randolph ” La Gerbe’ Pie”


3. Mara Herbkersman ” “Summer Tomato Pie”

2. Helene von Schreiber-Morgan ” “Zwiebelkuchen Onion”

1. Joel Blum ” “Curry Chicken Pie”


3. Cat Gannon ” “Maple Bacon Pecan Pie”

2. Emily Cofrancesco ofI Heart Pies– “Chocolate Bourbon Pie”

1. Ross Falls ” “Pecan Pie”


3. Melissa Arcaro ” “Chocolate Fresh Banana Puddin’ Pie with Coconut, Whipped Cream & Salted Caramel”
2. Heidi Boyd ” “Mushroom Umami”
1. Evelyn Davalos ” “Grandaddy’s Favorite Peach”


3. Sara Culver ” “Banana and Toasted Coconut”

2. Wendie Heather Wong ” “Fat Bottom”

1. Shyamala Reddy ” “The Arnold Palmer”


3. Morgan Simons, owner ofPi Bakeshop-“Peach with Brown Butter Crumble Pie”

2. Bernice Fong ” “Apple Pie”

1. Sharon Graves ” “Apple Pie”

Best Crust” Sharon Graves ” “Apple Pie”
Best in Show” Sharon Graves ” “Apple Pie”

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