Chef a Table fundraiser – Club Culinaire of French Cuisine


Chef a Table fundraiser in honor of BABY SEBASTIEN DANIEL RAISED $14,000. In keeping with its goal of raising funds to help children in need, Club Culinaire of French Cuisine held a special Chef a Table dinner on July 19 at La Cachette to raise money for a Friend of the Club…BABY SEBASTIEN DANIEL, who is struggling with Leukemia. The event, which saw about 140 attendees, brought in $14,000 to be used for Baby Sebastien’s parents to be able to stay in Los Angeles while he is being treated and toward his extensive medical bills, which continue as he fights Leukemia.
Those wishing to continue donating to help Baby Sebastien may do so by logging onto and using the PayPal button.
Or call Kora at: 949.295.0506

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