Artisan in Paso Robles Announces Daniel Green as General Manager


Artisan, the acclaimed American restaurant by brothers Chris and Mike Kobayashi in the heart of Paso Robles, announces hospitality veteran Daniel Green has joined the team as the restaurant’s General Manager. Green began training in mid-March, 2013 and will be influential in Artisan’s move to its new location at 843 12th Street in Paso Robles, scheduled for June of this year.

Brother Mike Kobayashi has held this position since Artisan opened in 2006 but now feels it’s an appropriate time to bring in Green as General Manager. In additional to overseeing the business at Artisan, Mike Kobayashi is also the manager of British band Def Leppard. With Green on board, they can join forces, with Mike delegating the day to day operations when traveling so he can maintain focus on the many aspects of the family business. Brother and partner Chris Kobayashi will continue as the Executive Chef, Shandi Kobayashi as Director of Special Events and the Artisan Farm, and Tina Soto as Director of Financial and Human Resources.

Posted by: Paula Votendahl


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