Applebee’s Features New Fresh Flavors of Summer Menu


New season means new menu flavors for Applebee’s, as seven new flavors are ushered in for summer. Freshly picked, harvested and prepared ingredients, like seasonal fruits, vegetables, and pasta, welcome summer in with a bang.

NEW! Lemon Shrimp Fettucine: A gremolata of garlic, parsley and lemon zest prepared each morning at Applebee’s provides the zing to this new dish. Seared plump shrimp are seasoned and tossed with tender artichokes – a new ingredient at Applebee’s – ripe tomatoes, sauteed fresh spinach and basil, then served over fettucine noodles with a roasted garlic cream sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese.

NEW! Garlic Rosemary Chicken Pasta: This Mediterranean-feel pasta features Applebee’s scratch-made-daily bruschetta, cooked down to a light sauce. Artichokes, oven-roasted tomatoes, grilled-in-house asparagus and sauteed Portobello mushrooms are perfect complements to the grilled chicken breast. Fresh-chopped-daily rosemary, combined with fresh-squeezed lemon and butter, creates the signature finish.

NEW! Seasonal Berry & Spinach Salad: Until now, strawberries were used only in desserts and beverages at Applebee’s. This new summer statement salad moves sliced-ripe-daily strawberries to the lunch and dinner menu, combined with blueberries – another fresh, new ingredient at Applebee’s – full flavor spinach, grilled chicken breast, bleu cheese crumbles and honey-glazed pecans. To top it off, a strawberry vinaigrette with exclusive ingredients available only at Applebee’s.

Florentine House Sirloin: Our classic 7-ounce signature sirloin is grilled to order and topped with fresh spinach, sliced mushrooms, onions, and bruschetta over red potatoes cut, steamed, fried and seasoned each day in the back of the house.

“The Fresh Flavors of Summer menu brings the colors, tastes and smells of the season to life,” says Applebee’s Chef Melissa Haupt. “Seasonal ingredients are the foundation of everything we prepare, and summer is the perfect time to introduce new ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, artichokes and asparagus to the Applebee’s menu.”

Posted by Markus Micheaels


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