A Trio of Medals go to TAPS Fish House & Brewery – Brea for Ales and Lagers


The summer of 2011 brings another trio of medals to TAPS Fish House & Brewery in recognition of their outstanding ales and lagers. TAPS popular Cream Ale scored a Gold at the California State Fair; closer to home at the San Diego International Beer Festival (at the San Diego County Fair) Brewmaster Victor Novak won Silver for Irish Red and Bronze for Barleywine. Since opening in 1999, the restaurant has received 54 medals in competitions ranging from international to regional.

Another coup for TAPS is their third collaboration with Portola Coffee Lab owner Jeff Duggan on TAPS’ newest coffee beer. Novak and Duggan came together to brew TAPS’ Neo-Colonial Stout: an English-style Oatmeal Stout made with Portola Coffee Labs’ Tanzania Peaberry coffee. Medium bodied, roasty with hints of cocoa and citrus, the beer has a smooth finish and 6% ABV. Novak brewed 14 kegs worth of the jet-black brew which will be available until September 1st at both TAPS locations in Brea and Corona. The Neo-Colonial Stout is also served at The Surly Goat in West Hollywood. Costa Mesa-based Portola Coffee Lab is a cutting edge coffeehouse and in-house roasterie that has garnered rave reviews from coffee aficionados. Novak and Duggan’s previous efforts yielded Portola Porter this past spring and Imperial Balinese Stout created expressly for The Bruery's third anniversary party held at The Phoenix Club in May. TAPS will feature Imperial Balinese Stout as both locations beginning in early September.

TAPS Director of Culinary, Tom Hope, suggests pairing the Neo-Colonial Stout with TAPS Chocolate Decadence: a flourless chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate ganache, then finished with crème anglaise and fresh berries. "Or simply sip with a fine cigar," Novak recommends.

Posted By: Ashley Nicole 8/15/2011

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