Under Pressure


Making Pressure Cooking Hip Again

Pressure cooking makes a comeback in author Laura Pazzaglia’s Hip Pressure Cooking — a compilation of her experiences running a blog by the same name, the book provides 200 recipes for efficient, delicious meals designed to work in any cooking system (e.g. Instant Pot, electric pressure cookers, multi-cookers with pressure programs, and stove top pressure cookers).

“Hip pressure cooking is about taking advantage of the latest pressure cooker technology and accessories,” says Pazzaglia. “So you are able to preserve freshness and maximize the nutrients of ingredients without wasting time.” Her instructional videos and recipes grew in popularity since the blog’s inception; now, Pazzaglia serves as a consultant to pressure cooker manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and Spain and performing demonstrations for them in various cities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg.

Hip Pressure Cooking offers recipes for dishes like veal-stuffed artichoke hearts, corn chowder, hazelnut chocolate pots de crème & more. The book offers step-by-step instructions and detailed notes on operating the pressure cooker throughout each recipe.

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