Tune Up and Save


Saturday, August 31st is National Eat Outside Day but many residents in California are already dining al fresco, whether in their backyard or when they go out to eat.

With many restaurants offering shaded sidewalk seating, rooftop patios, dining in the garden and community-style tables, it’s a good time to start thinking about what restaurants can do inside to make sure they aren’t wasting energy as diners head outside.

Energy Upgrade California–a California statewide initiative to encourage residents and business owners to use energy better– has a few simple, cost-effective ways that restaurant operators can increase their energy efficiency inside as they are investing in this outside trend:

  • It’s All in the Pots and Pans: Equipment that is too large for your foodservice operations will waste unneeded energy, and equipment that’s too small will consume more energy as it works hard to cool or heat a space larger than it’s built to control. if you’re boiling water for something like pasta, make sure to cover the pot when bringing the water to a boil. It will come to a boil much faster, while also saving energy!
  • Keep it Cool: Remember to limit the amount of times you keep the door to the ice machine open. Keeping the lid closed will keep cold air in and reduce energy waste.
  • Get Your Ducts in a Row: If your ducts aren’t in a row, you’re losing out big time on running the AC when guests are dining outside. Sealing and insulating ducts properly can help to reduce up to 20% of a cooling system’s energy consumption.
  • Get an Energy Audit: Not sure why your bill is so high when you think you’re being energy savvy? Request an energy assessment from your local energy provider! The auditor will come out and inspect your workplace to try to identify any issues and areas where you can save energy and money. Best part? Many electric utility companies offer them for free.
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