Tokyo Guild Opens in Long Beach


Tokyo Guild will open its doors this month (June 2019) in Bixby Knolls (Long Beach). The Japanese pub-style tavern will remain open lunch through dinner, seven days a week. Diners can expect ramen, Tokyo street-food style small bites, Japanese-style sandwiches, a full bar, and more. In Long Beach, the beverage program will feature beer, wine, and low ABV and ChuHai cocktails.

Chef/Restaurateur Takashi Sada spearheads the menu creation alongside his wife of 17 years, Chika Sada. He’s tapped industry and fine-dining veteran Joe Ando (71Above) to oversee operations as General Manager in Culver City, and Val Lee (Japonica) in Long Beach. Mixologist Darwin Manahan (Guerilla Tacos and Genever) will act as Beverage Director of both locations.

After 17 years successfully owning and operating Japonica, (Redondo Beach), Sada is eager to expand with his newest concept. At Tokyo Guild, Sada hopes to expose Southern Californians to the playful, yet dynamic dishes of Tokyo street food culture not typically seen in the US. The gastropub will pay homage to the eclectic culinary, art, and music scene prevalent throughout Japan. Both industrially designed spaces feature exposed ceiling beams, touches of graffiti art, and Japanese punk rock influences. With Tokyo Guild, Sada hopes to immerse guests in a new side of the Japanese culinary experience.


Menu highlights include:

pork broth with slow-braised pork belly chashu, seasoned egg, and green onion

beef patty cutlet, kewpie mayo, katsu sauce

egg salad, chicken teriyaki

Darwin Manahan’s cocktail program at both locations will feature low ABV Chūhai with California-inspired ingredients with Japanese spirits, as well as a full liquor program in Culver City. Beer and wine will be offered at both locations.  There will also be an Orange Bang machine as a nod to Ando’s California upbringing.

Highlights include:

Partida Blanco, Pampelmouse, Rosé, Lime, Ginger Beer

Rittenhouse Rye, Suntori Toki Whisky, Amaro Montenegro, Angostura Bitters

Shochu, Calpico, Lime Juice, Sugar, Soda

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