The Organic Coup Brings Transparency to Fast Food


Fast food restaurant chain The Organic Coup, the Nation’s first 100% certified organic chain, has once again up-ended the industry, rolling out complete ingredient labels on food items.

While most restaurants across the nation still refuse to list ingredients, citing proprietary concerns, The Organic Coup is spearheading transparency in an industry historically tight-lipped about ingredients. The labels are designed to highlight the premium, healthful ingredients used, and to raise awareness of the lack of transparency pervasive in the industry.

The Organic Coup launched 2 years ago with the mission of re-imagining what fast food could be – and built on unwavering commitment to Organics, People, Accountability and Transparency.

“For us, it’s a simple premise,” said CEO & Founder Erica Welton. “It’s food & people first – which means clean, organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free. So why wouldn’t we label our food? We’re intensely proud of our ingredients!”

This move of transparency has engendered considerable support in the industry as well as with partners.

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