The Ecology Center launches crowdfunding for restaurant workers


The Ecology Center launches crowdfunding campaign in order to hire 4-6 furloughed restaurant workers.

RIGHT NOW, one of our hardest hit communities are our culinary professionals.  Chefs, line cooks, servers, bussers, and dishwashers are  living with the uncertainty of a next paycheck.  These hard-working professionals are eager to get back to work.

The Ecology Center has a long history of working closely with restaurants that put our values to work every day.  In these challenging times, we are hoping to create opportunities for temporarily unemployed culinary workers to help grow and harvest food to share in the community.

Restaurant workers have a deep connection to food. We now have the opportunity to bring our brothers and sisters into the field to dig into the full circle of agricultural abundance. Through this offering, we will be able to hire 4-6 furloughed restaurant employees and put them to work on our farm. This will not only help us increase food production in such a critical time, but also create a lasting ecological epxerience for culinary professionals to appreciate the value of true food.

Join our effort to nourish a community, while supporting vulnerable culinary workers.

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