“Surviving the Pandemic” | A New Video Series from Results Thru Strategy


Beating the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Your restaurant can survive the fallout from COVID-19

Results Thru Strategy, Inc. has launched a video series (“Surviving the Pandemic”) to aid the restaurant industry struggling with the effects on their business of the novel coronavirus.

Click the links below to start watching:

Boosting Sales: Take-out & Delivery Ideas that Work

Sales Tank, Rents Loom: Here’s Help

It is hosted by RTS Founder, Chaos Strategist, and Change Agent, Fred LeFranc.

Fred and RTS Partners will focus on delivery/takeout, human resources, technology, culinary, finance, real estate, and marketing.

The series is designed to help owners, managers, and team members regain and even improve business.

We are under no illusion about the damage so far. We believe “Surviving the Pandemic” will help you weather the worst of it.

The cast in the video series includes:


Results Thru Strategy is a group of hospitality specialists with decades of real-world experience running foodservice businesses. They have been CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, CMOs, analysts, chefs, strategists, planners, organizers, communicators, researchers, branders, trainers, and marketers.

They will join your team and involve you in assessing your business while uncovering paths to improvement. From what you learn together, they help you devise a strategy and execute tactics that optimize your culture and organization. 

Give Results Thru Strategy the opportunity to help reinvent, improve and evolve your brand. And you’ll see the results in your people, performance and profit.

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