State Breakdown: Hotel Closures and Jobs Lost if Congress Doesn’t Pass Another COVID Relief Bill


The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) released a new survey last week that underscores the devastating results for the hotel industry. Seventy-four percent (74%) of hotels would be forced to lay off additional employees and two-thirds of hotels (67%) would not make it another six months if Congress fails to pass another COVID stimulus bill. As a follow up, below is a breakdown of this impact by state. Here is a link to a pdf version of the state by state data and below is a quote from Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

“It’s time for Congress to put politics aside and prioritize American workers in the hardest-hit industries. Hotels are cornerstones of the communities they serve, building strong local economies and supporting millions of jobs. Thousands of hotels across America are in jeopardy of closing forever, and that will have a ripple effect throughout our communities for years to come. It is imperative that Congress act now before leaving town, or thousands of small businesses and the jobs associated with them will be lost. The American people cannot wait for relief. Congress needs to act now.”


Direct Hotel Job Loss

  • Total Pre-Covid Hotel Jobs – 285,122
  • Jobs Lost Spet. 2020 – 108,632
  • Potential Jobs Lost w/o Congress Aid – 199,586

Total Hotel-Related Job Loss

  • Total Pre-Covid Supported Jobs – 1,014,600
  • Jobs Lost Sept. 2020 – 234,373
  • Potential Jobs Lost w/o Congress Aid – 456,570

Hotel Closures

  • Total Hotels – 5,791
  • Estimated Hotel Foreclosures w/o Congress Aid – 2,838
  • Estimated Hotel Closures w/o Congress Aid – 3,880
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