Social in Costa Mesa Feeds Industry Workers


Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, 7 am-11 am and through the duration of the “shelter in place” order, SOCIAL Costa Mesa is committed to “SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE” — at no cost to them.

SOCIAL Costa Mesa will begin takeout, curbside delivery, and home delivery on Thursday, April 2nd and then every Thurs., Friday & Saturday from 4 pm to 8:30 pm. On those days they will also be feeding unemployed or furloughed hospitality employees and any frontline workers for free.

Co-Owners Andrew and Raquel Dorsey and Daniel Biello did not intend to open their doors at SOCIAL Costa Mesa until after the “shelter in place order” was lifted because of COVID-19. But in order to ever open again, they needed to do something now. 

“We weren’t just gonna sit back and go down without a fight. We saw our people hurting. And in these uncertain times, we wanted to make sure people in hospitality could at least depend on a good meal, bottled water and have toilet paper,” said Andrew Dorsey 

SOCIAL Costa Mesa opened its doors to the Orange County community in 2014 with one goal: making dining out fun again. Their share plate concept and cheeky craft cocktails, mixed with old school hip hop and amazing hospitality create an addicting vibe you can’t duplicate anywhere else. 

SOCIAL Restaurant Group has started a GoFundMe page to receive donations for their efforts:

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