SoCalGas Rebate Program


If you are considering a new foodservice equipment purchase, SoCalGas have some exciting news to share with you regarding their SoCalGas rebate program. SoCalGas has increased the rebate amounts for all qualified foodservice equipment by 50%.

These rebate ‘kickers’ will be in effect for equipment purchased between 9/1/2020 – 12/31/2020 or until the funds have been exhausted. The new rebate amounts will be applied automatically. For example, rebates for qualified convection ovens are now $750.00/oven (up 50% from $500/oven), and rebates for qualified fryers are now $1123.50/vat (up 50% from $749/vat). This will be on a first serve basis to eligible applicants while funding is available.

Please note that these increased rebate amounts will only apply to customers submitting applications directly to SoCalGas through the hard-copy or online rebate applications.  The POS or ‘Instant Rebate!’ program that is available through the dealers will not see an increase in rebate amounts at this time.

You can apply for the rebate plus the 50% kicker by clicking on the SoCalGas icon on the following website:

If you have any questions, or need assistance with applying, please feel free to email SoCalGas at [email protected].

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