Selling My Space


Break of Dawn
Chef/Proprietor Dee Nguyen

What’s your latest mission, Dee? I’m looking to sell Break of Dawn to a hungry young cook like I once was. 

When did BOD open at the old location? August 24, 2006

When did you move? June 16, 2013

We understand that you opened for part of the day to be able to spend more time with your son. In addition to that benefit, what other benefits are there to owning a Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch place? I work less than 40 hours per week. BOD is a 25 hour per week operation.

Do you agree that breakfast and brunch service is a rising segment in food service? Yes, everyone is seeing the success of BoD and other concepts like us and tapping in on the trend. Right now, in Orange County, there are many brunch places.

Do you have any advice for anyone either opening a new Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch place or expanding their service? Open more. The more the merrier.

Any other thoughts or advice? Put some passion into your work 

Did you approach any of your employees about keeping the brand intact? BoD is I and I’m BoD. There’s NO replacement or anyway anyone could run it to my standards, with my heart.

Would you consider a partnership with a new operator? Never!!! I’m a lone ranger 

Will you still be around the area or are you planning a personal move? If the sale works out to my expectations, I’m taking a needed break and I’ll rise again like the Phoenix.

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