Reusable Water Bottle Sales Drive Up


Reusable water bottle sales driven by 51.7% of consumers wanting to reduce their plastic usage, says GlobalData

Purchases of reusable water bottles and travel mugs are on the rise as consumers seek to reduce plastic waste, save money and stay hydrated, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

The company’s kitchen storage survey of 2000 UK shoppers revealed that Amazon and the grocers have benefited most from increased demand, with 14.9% of reusable water bottle shoppers purchasing from Amazon, and 13.6% and 8.8% of shoppers buying from Tesco and Asda respectively.

Amy Higginbotham, Retail Analyst at GlobalData, commented, “Almost one in five consumers purchased a reusable water bottle in the past 12 months, and over a quarter of those were 16 to 24 years old; this demographic is more exposed to, and influenced by, online media messages relating to plastic waste.”

Sales of travel mugs were less marked, with 8.4% of shoppers buying one in the last 12 months, but consumers were driven by the same environmental reasons.Screen Shot 2018 12 03 At 4 08 11 PM

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