Recipe Module Added to ChefTec Mobile Solutions Platform


A Recipe Module (REC) has been added to the ChefTec Mobile Solutions platform to provide CorTec and ChefTec users with additional, time-saving mobile technology. Hand-held technology, connected to a customer’s desktop or cloud service data, helps reduce errors and time spent doing data entry.

The ChefTec Mobile Solutions Recipe Module allows operators to display and print their recipes from the Mobile Solutions hand-held device. Its widest use is in kitchens and production areas where up-to-date current recipes need be viewed or printed for prep work. This functionality eliminates out-of-date recipe books along with recipe books “destroyed” by use in the kitchen. For an environmentally-friendly approach operators can install a Mobile Solutions device and wireless monitor in the production area so that recipes can be “called up” and read directly from the monitor. As changes are made in the desktop or cloud service ChefTec software, recipes are automatically updated on the Mobile Solutions tablet.

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