Re-establishing Your Business’ Vitality Amid COVID-19


Re-establishing Your Business’ Vitality:

Rethinking Your Business Model


Date: Tuesday, August 18th

Time: 2:15pm ET – 3:00pm ET / 11:15am PT – 12:00pm PT

Place: Restaurant Rise LIVE! Digital Community

The novel coronavirus pandemic has accelerated a number of restaurant trends, like the growth of delivery and tech-driven ordering platforms. However, COVID-19 has also highlighted several operational problems that have been plaguing restaurants for years, leaving them eager to make some major operational changes immediately.

As the coronavirus has prompted restaurants to rethink aspects of their business model, ShiftPixy is there to facilitate a seamless digital transformation, while helping businesses to revamp their online ordering and marketing capabilities and adjust their human capital.

Join the Restaurants Rise Digital Community for this 45- minute session happening LIVE! on August 18th at 2:15 pm ET,  where Scott Absher, the co-founder and CEO of ShiftPixy, will discuss:

·    How COVID-19 has underscored the importance of owning off-premise operations

·    The value of technology to directly reach and engage with customers

·    Why using direct employees versus independent contractors can protect your brand

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Speakers: Scott Absher

Moderator: Alan Liddle

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