Putting Chef’s First, On-Demand Meal Services


Ziffyn is proud to write the future of on-demand delivery and the private chef industry with its launch of a new app on Oct.14, 2020. With Ziffyn, customers are able to order from private chefs and receive celebrity-grade meals at an affordable price.

“Ziffyn provides a chef catered directly for each person and opportunities for all high-end chefs that should not be unemployed with current skill sets. We are excited to make an impact in many chefs lives for years to come” – Jai Ashar

Amidst the crisis of the pandemic, three entrepreneurs, Jai Ashar, TC Le Fever, and Jessica Saucedo, created an app that aimed to support chefs in both the restaurant and private catering business. All seniors, Jai Ashar attends the University of Pennsylvania, TC Le Fever attends the University of Southern California, and Jessica Saucedo attends Loyola Marymount University.

Nearly eight months ago, Ashar assembled his group of friends together to create something great. In those past months, the team has been given various roles to get the app off the ground. They all serve various roles including software development, customer acquisition and marketing, raising initial capital, and running the day to day operations associated with all three apps.

Ziffyn is an on-demand meal delivery service that brings meals cooked by private chefs straight to a customer’s door. Chefs get to cook from home, create their own menu, and practice their passions as an independent chef and customers get to enjoy high quality food for an affordable price.

It is time to recognize the back of the house at expensive restaurants that rack up hundreds of dollars in bills and hone in on their skill set. “One of the most rewarding parts of this company has been speaking with the chefs and drivers that we hire. There is a genuine need for an app that allows chefs to cook from home. These days everything can be done remotely, and so can cooking. Some of our chefs have children to raise, family to care for, or are working multiple jobs and need something accessible like Ziffyn in their lives.” – Jessica Saucedo

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