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JAMBO! (HELLO! IN SWAHILI) Purple Tea has finally arrived in the U.S.; allowing Americans to savor this exotic and healthy brew. Purple Tea delivers a new experience in the Tea industry boasting a brand-new flavor and color profile that demands its own category of Tea. The reason itbis called Purple Tea is because the tea bush flushes Purple! Purple Tea is a cultivar of “Camelia Sinensis Assamica.” It is an unoxidized leaf that is slightly withered to create a smooth and natural taste.

Purple Tea flourishes naturally on the Kenyan equator and is grown at extremely high elevations of 6,000 plus feet. The leaves flush purple because they are rich in super-antioxidants called Anthocyanin’s. These are the same anti-oxidants that are found in other purple plants like blueberries and pomegranates. The wild Purple Plant was first discovered in the Gardens of Assam (India). The bush was given to The Tea Research Foundation of
Kenyan (TRFK) who would go on to spend nearly 25 years studying the plant and creating a genetic clone of it. The TRFK was able to successfully develop this new Purple cultivar by naturally crossbreeding with tea’s anthocyanin rich cousin “Camelia Irrawadiensis.” These Purple Tea seedlings were introduced to small-scale Kenyan Farmers in 2011. The Kenyan Government encouraged the farmers to make a five-year investment and plant the bush in their farms and let them fully mature.


ITI visited Purple Tea farms East and West of the Rift Valley in August of 2016 just in time to witness the plucking and the end to end process of this unique tea. During the teams stay, we had the privilege of not only meeting several of the Purple Tea farmers, but also living with them for several days. Tumoi Teas farmers Mzee Jacob and Boaz Kattah opened their home to the ITI team. Authentic and fresh farm to table food was served daily along
with multiple cupping sessions at their house. Also, during the visit, ITI met with the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya to learn more about this unique Tea and its rich history. ITI also went on to meet with the Tea Board of Kenya to discuss the mission of bringing Purple Tea to the U.S. and how collectively we can help improve the economy of Kenya.

International Tea Importers has seen this product evolve into a refreshing cup of tea. That is why we are very excited to bring the #PurpleTeaExperience to The World Tea Expo this year in Las Vegas and share this directly with Tea drinkers from all over the world.
Come meet Kenyan Farmers, Mzee Jacob, Boaz, and Jamilla. These Purple Tea Farmers are traveling all the way from Kenya to share their Purple Tea story
with you.

Visit us at the World Tea Expo, booth #728/730 and See, Taste, & Enjoy!!

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