Purchase and Support California’s Christopher Ranch Garlic


Christopher Ranch, the nation’s premier garlic company, has raised its corporate minimum wage to $15/hour, now among the highest in the country. The higher hourly rate, which represents a 15.3 percent increase, went into effect on July 2, 2018. This increase affects over 600 full-time employees based at the company’s operational headquarters in Gilroy, California, at the southern gateway to Silicon Valley.

The July 2018 wage increase fulfills a pledge the company made in January 2017 when it previously raised wages to $13/hour (an 18% increase at the time). On an annual basis, entry-level employees at Christopher Ranch will now make about $8,000 more than state mandates.  

Founded in 1956, three generations of leadership now serve at the California-based agribusiness. As a family-owned business, Christopher Ranch has always been committed to supporting its employees and the local community. By offering higher wages to its employees now, Christopher Ranch is able to attract and retain a skilled workforce to run its 100 million-pound garlic operation. Their decision was inspired in part by the “Fight for Fifteen” movement to raise minimum wages nationwide.

Ken Christopher, Executive Vice President at Christopher Ranch, said: “Corporate Social Responsibility is the very foundation of what makes Christopher Ranch a great company. Paying our workers a higher hourly rate feels right—and has proven to be a smart business decision as well. By ensuring a stable workforce with reduced turnover, we can maintain consistently high levels of quality and safety. That translates into better products for our customers, tangible bottom line savings for our company, and a better quality of life for our workers and their families. When consumers choose to buy Christopher Ranch garlic, they’re making a decision to support a company that invests in its people and makes a difference in the community.”

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