PPP Fixes & the Independent Restaurant Stabilization Fund


A Message from the Independent Restaurant Coalition:

Here’s what happened today in the fight to save independent restaurants.

Our voices are being heard on Capitol Hill: Just today, House lawmakers proposed critical changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). While the improvements in the proposal will give our 500,000 small restaurants a better chance of reopening their doors when it’s safe to do so, more work from Congress is needed to ensure independent restaurants have the resources needed to stay in business.

The PPP remains an eight-week band-aid for an 18-month problem facing independent restaurants, who face nearly insurmountable odds as they meet new requirements for public safety. Our businesses will not be “back to normal” anytime soon, and that’s exactly why we’ve asked Congress for the Independent Restaurant Stabilization Fund to ensure these businesses can reopen, stay open, and re-employ 11 million workers. Here’s what we’re fighting for:

Independent Restaurants Need:

  1. Fixes to the PPP to ensure our industry can take full advantage of the program as the pandemic continues. And, because that will not be enough to ensure our survival,
  2. A dedicated Independent Restaurant Stabilization Fund that gives us the resources and support we need to face the challenging months – and years – ahead.

Our coalition is only eight weeks old. In that short time, we’ve built a movement that’s 60,000 strong and growing, sent more than 100,000 emails to Congress, and moved the needle in critical conversations with key lawmakers.

As always, thank you for fighting with us and stay tuned — we’re seeing more movement on the Hill and will be in touch soon with important updates.

The IRC Team

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