Potential Purchase of Ingardia Bros. Produce


Rumor has it that Ingardia Bros. — a longtime supplier of produce, seafood, and dairy in the foodservice industry — has recently been purchased by global food distributor US Foods. The speculation comes on the heels of TriMark USA’s recent acquisition of Chef’s Toys; though neither Ingardia Bros. nor US Foods has officially confirmed the purchase, many in the industry report that the sale is a done-deal.

Founded in the early seventies, Ingardia Bros. Produce, Inc. began with owners Sam and Joe Ingardia’s small retail store in Costa Mesa. Since then, the company has grown to become a prominent distributor of fresh produce, seafood, & dairy products in the Orange County area.

If US Foods has indeed bought Ingardia Bros., the implications of the acquisition include an expansion of US Food’s operational facilities and a stronger presence in Orange County’s culinary market.

Ingardia Bros

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