Pop-Up Temperance Bar in Fullerton Coming Soon


Temperance Bar is an inspired pop-up concept at Rialto in Downtown Fullerton. It will be held on the 3rd Friday of every month from 6 pm-midnight and the launch target date is January 2020.

The Concept: 

A non-alcoholic, craft cocktail bar called Temperance. NOT a juice bar, coffee shop, or tea house, but the complete experience of a night out — sans the booze. There will be a chef-driven food menu; a dope DJ; and a great vibe all around. 

They’ll be providing those who are sober; sober curious; or individuals who simply want to dry out a place of inclusivity and a stigma-free drinking culture. 0% Proof, 100% Social.  

It will be the first dry bar in Orange County and one of only a handful nationwide.



Although the focus is on zero-proof mixes Temperance still wants to promote the creative aspect of the hospitality industry. 

For the first season, they are in collaboration with Blinking Owl Distillery, Workshop Kitchen + Bar, Haven Craft Kitchen + Bar, and ARC. One of their bartenders will come up with a non-alcoholic craft cocktail recipe utilizing all non-alcohol ingredients and Temperance will give their bartender and their location credit on the menu, as well as promote the drink on Temperance’s social media. In turn, they’ll include this creation on their own menu as an option for non-drinkers and name it Temperance to link back. At the end of each season, Temperance will give further props to the bartender with the most ordered cocktail with possibly a bartender’s competition at the end of next year.

Temperance Bar Mocktail 1

Temperance Bar will include the sober community on all the nightlife fun and the bars will be promoting their talent and their establishment at the same time. Win win win. 

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